Flexible, universal bicycle cover, FJB690

Flexible, universal bicycle cover, FJB690

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Extraordinary sport accessories for active people looking for internal calm

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Bicycle cover
Flexible, universal bicycle cover with easy put on function and storage case
Product code: FJB690

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The clearest activity
We know that you love outdoor activities, and challenges are your everyday life. You value independence and good organization. We know that you care about efficiency and you like the satisfying feeling of achieving your dream goal. That is why we offer you Flexyjoy products, attractively designed accessories that will allow you to focus only on your own passions. It is simply activity in its purest form.

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Flexible protection
The flexible bicycle cover was created to maximally facilitate the transport and storage of a bicycle. The universal shape of the cover means that it adapts to 99% of MTB, city and road bikes available on the market. Simply slide on the bike cover and enjoy the moment without worrying about cleaning afterwards. Dirt is under your control.

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Ease of use
The unique Easy-Flex system allows you to slip the bike cover more easily. The cover does not slide off the front wheel so you can easily put it on and take care of more pleasant things. In the cover, you have an additional lockable pocket installed, into which you can throw the small items you need. This thoughtful solution provides you with maximum comfort.

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Freedom of storage
The pocket installed in the cover is also part of our Flex-in storage system. You can put the unused bike cover inside this pocket, close the double-sided zipper and everything will be under your control again. The pocket is flexible, so the small items you need will also fit there.

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Technical data:
Wheel size: 26-29"
Frame size: 18-22"
Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
Cleaning: the product is machine washable



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