Flexible, universal suitcase travel cover, FLS911

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Suitcase cover
Flexible, universal suitcase travel cover
Product code: FLS911

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The clearest activity
We know that you love outdoor activities, and challenges are your everyday life. You value independence and good organization. We know that you care about efficiency and you like the satisfying feeling of achieving your dream goal. That is why we offer you Flexyjoy products, attractively designed accessories that will allow you to focus only on your own passions. It is simply activity in its purest form.

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The look that counts
The flexible cover for travel suitcases will allow you to easily protect the suitcase from scratches during transport and will make it easier to find in the luggage compartment or on the conveyor belt. Attractive designs will allow you to stand out from the crowd of uniformly gray suitcases while protecting its valuable content against theft, making it difficult to access its contents.

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Ease of use
The flexible material of the cover allows you to put it on the suitcase quickly. The welt installed at the bottom of the cover will firmly hold the cover on the suitcase. At the same time, the cover is equipped with holes for handles and wheels of the suitcase, thanks to which you will still have access to all its functions.

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Clear markings
Each case has a marking on the side wall that allows you to mark it with the owner's details so that if you lose your luggage, it will be easier for you to retrieve it. Thanks to the fact that access to the suitcase's lock is difficult, you can also be more sure that its contents will go into place completely. Because peace in travel is the most important thing.

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Technical data:
Suitcase size: S – 19-22”, M – 23-26”, L – 27-30”
Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
Cleaning: the product is machine washable

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