Dustproof sports mask with changeable filter, FLG

Dustproof sports mask with changeable filter, FLG

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Extraordinary sport accessories for active people looking for internal calm

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Dustproof sports mask
Dustproof, washable sports mask with changeable PM2.5 filter
Product code: FLG

Pyłoszczelna sportowa maska
The clearest activity
We know that you love outdoor activities, and challenges are your everyday life. You value independence and good organization. We know that you care about efficiency and you like the satisfying feeling of achieving your dream goal. That is why we offer you Flexyjoy products, attractively designed accessories that will allow you to focus only on your own passions. It is simply activity in its purest form.

Pyłoszczelna sportowa maska
Safety of every workout
Dustproof sports mask protects against pollution above PM2.5 during everyday physical activity and when staying outdoors. Made of a material that allows free breathing even with increased physical effort without losing its filtering properties.

Pyłoszczelna sportowa maska
Convenience of use
The adjustable nose clip and matching mask shape ensure tightness at any activity. The back clasp allows you to adjust the size of the mask adapting it to individual conditions, and the holes for the ears stabilize it during movement and allow for free telephone conversations and unrestricted use of headphones.

Pyłoszczelna sportowa maska
Long lasting protection
The replaceable, washable filter maintains its effectiveness for at least 3 months in normal everyday use. Two one-way valves allow easier exhalation of the air, preventing the mask filter from getting wet.

Pyłoszczelna sportowa maska
Technical data:
Outer material: 100% nylon
Replacement filter: non-woven fabric with 99% filtration efficiency from 2.5 μm
Weight: 50g

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